Herzog Homes was founded by Kris Herzog in 2001, becoming licensed as an LLC there after.  Even though Herzog Homes was founded when Kris was an adult, Kris’ passion and desire to become a builder started when he was a young child.  When young, Kris would stand and watch for hours as his own father would tackle projects all over the house.  One hot summer, Kris and his dad were building a fence around their pool.  His father always found ways for this eager young boy to be included in projects.  During this project, Kris was allowed to help by jumping down into the holes that his dad dug for the fence posts.  Kris was the “human tape measure.”  Now as Kris operates his own business, he wants to create these same kinds of relationships.  Establishing relationships where our clients work alongside with Kris is imperative to us.  When clients work with Kris to help make their dreams become a reality, they find he is not only their builder, but someone they trust.  Herzog Homes prides itself on the unwavering principle to understand and meet homeowners’ exact needs.  We guide homeowners throughout the whole project, explaining each step thoroughly, making them feel the utmost confidence. Herzog Homes believes in the principles of commitment, integrity, honesty and quality workmanship.  These attitudes have allowed us to leave lasting impressions with our clients.  Herzog Homes believes that without these principles, we would not have our clients’ testimonies to our exceptional service.  At Herzog Homes these principles have and will remain the foundation of our existence.

“Our new kitchen is beautiful.

Everyday we are just in awe of the quality and craftsmanship of our new space.” -Cheslocks